Bush Stone-curlew

Bush Stone-curlew, Adelaide Zoo

The Bush Stone-curlew is a species I have yet to see in its natural environment. They are not all that common here in South Australia, so I was pleased to see and photograph this bird recently in the Pelican enclosure at Adelaide Zoo. The white thing pointing at it in the top left hand corner of the photo is actually the beak of a pelican.

Bush Stone-curlews are found in the western half of Western Australia, across northern Australia and in eastern and south eastern Australia. In some parts of their former range they are now uncommon to rare in areas settled for farming or urban sprawl except in Brisbane suburbs where they seem to thrive.


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  1. Mandie Young says:

    Saw one of these in my carport this evening. I live in north Brisbane area and I have seen them around a couple of times but not this close. It was an amazing experience to watch and listen to it. Couldn’t get a photo through the screen door and didn’t want to risk my cat getting out to “question” it. He is an inside only cat.

  2. Natalie Collins says:

    Hi, We are lucky to welcome two Curlew birds that have made their home in a garden in the school grounds, imagine their surprise this morning when they realised the quiet oasis they chose is actually home to over 1500 students. They seem quite happy and are lovely to look at. I look forward to seeing their family grow in the coming months.

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