Call for ban on duck shooting

I try not to be too controversial or political on this site. My main purpose in writing this blog is to showcase the beauty and wonder of Australian birds, often through my photographs. This site is also filling an educational role in helping people to understand more about this country’s avifauna.

On special occasions I do make some controversial statements, like when I speak out about the damage domestic cats do to the Australian wildlife, including birds, mammals and reptiles.

Duck shooting

Another topic that can get me annoyed and angry is the matter of duck shooting. Here in Australia each state has its own regulations and laws concerning recreational shooting. I believe it is much tighter here than in other countries, including the United States where many of my readers reside. Shooters are far more actively into lobbying for their “rights” in other countries, but it concerns me that strong lobby groups are gaining momentum here in Australia. And they seem to have a growing political clout with the decision makers.

Conservation and birding groups have been trying to get recreational shooting – especially duck shooting – banned for some years. A newly elected government in the state of Victoria has been pressured into extending the hunting season, and increased the number of ducks that can be shot. I find it abhorrent that people take pleasure in killing wildlife in the name of “sport” or “fun”. We have severe penalties for harming almost all of our native species of birds and animals; why should ducks be any different?

You can read a passionate and informed article on the Birds Australia website here. It includes the email address of the premier of Victoria if you wish to complain.

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5 Responses to “Call for ban on duck shooting”

  1. Brenton says:

    Thank you Trevor for raising this important issue on your blog! I support all of your comments. I wrote to the SA Minister yesterday, shocked that another slaughter of ducks and quails is being allowed here. How dare they call it a sport. I suggested all of these big bullies volunteer for a war zone and have some ‘real’ action, but it is far easier to kill things that cant fight back! The Victorian Government had to repay the Hunters and Shooters back for all of their preferences that delivered the Coaltion parties control of the Victorian Upper House- a tragedy for so many species. ecosystems and other groups in the community.

  2. Trevor says:

    Thanks for your support Brenton. I was quite surprised that I didn’t get a barrage of comments – for and against – on this article. Yours is the only one so far.

    I’m also concerned about the situation in today’s NSW elections. I heard one little news snippet and I think it was said that the Fishers and Shooters party could hold the balance of power in the NSW Upper House. Will have to monitor that closely.

  3. Brenton says:

    Hi Trevor. Hope you are feeling better? Yes, sadly for animals and birds, when the electorate swings to the right, it can mean such groups as the ‘Fishers and Shooters’ get extra votes, though they have had a presence in the NSW Upper House for some time now. However because of the swing to the right this time it could mean the ‘Fishers and Shooters Party’ along with Fred Nile could have the balance of power in the NSW Upper House. The Nationals are also expected to poll very strongly , so it wont be a Parliament very sympathetic to some animal rights or conservation issues. But we can blame a very appalling Labor Government for allowing such events to unfold. I am very cynical about politics and decide from election to election about how I will vote. It is important to me that we care for our ecosystems and biodiversity, so I usually try to vote for an option that reinforces that!

  4. Trevor says:

    Good for you. I’m not quite as zealous – but I do take note of who says what on environmental issues and that can sway my vote.

    Goodness – we must be almost unique – voters who not only think but actually care about issues!

  5. Trevor says:

    Hi again Brenton,

    Thanks for asking about my health. Still having a few issues but generally sorting things out. I wrote in detail about what I’m going through on my writing site here:

    It’s also worth reading through the comments where I go into more details.

    Thanks for caring.

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