Cape Barren Goose, Adelaide Zoo

Cape Barren Goose, Adelaide Zoo

Cape Barren Goose, Adelaide Zoo

The Cape Barren Goose is locally abundant in its range but it has quite a limited range. Total numbers of this species would have to be about 10,000 so, although not endangered, it could be regarded as vulnerable.

This goose is found in coastal areas of South Australia, Victoria and in Tasmania. It breeds on the islands of Bass Strait between Victoria and Tasmania. There is an isolated population at Esperance in Western Australia.

During spring and summer it disperses to the mainland to feed on cultivated pastures, near wetlands and in grasslands. About a twenty minute drive south of where I live there are several large dairies. These have irrigated pastures (mainly clover and lucerne) which attract this species in large numbers. I’ve counted over 500 on several occasions.

The photo below was taken of a captive bird at the Cleland Wildlife Park in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia.

Good birding.


This article was updated in August 2015.

Cape Barren Goose, Cleland Wildlife Park

Cape Barren Goose, Cleland Wildlife Park


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  1. Luke says:

    This is the most elegant goose I have ever seen!

  2. Trevor says:

    Hi Luke – can a goose really be elegant?? LOL

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