Caring for a baby honeyeater

From time to time people encounter baby birds that have fallen from a nest or have been abandoned by their parents for whatever reason. Most people are keen to care for the little one but they usually have little idea of how to go about this.

Adelaide writer of crime and romance fiction Kirsty Brooks is one such person. She has had the delight of looking after a White Plumed Honeyeater from early in its life. This bird now brings her much delight, living in her house together with her pet Cockatiel parrot. Her heart warming and humourous account can be read by clicking on the link below.


White Plumed Honeyeater

White Plumed Honeyeater


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  1. Hi, thank you for referring to my description of caring for charlie, the honeyeater. he’s still such a delight, sleeps on my arm most afternoons (the enforced relaxation on my part helps my sanity) . He’s on my shoulder now, but has mysteriously lost all feathers on his face. He doesn’t know this so still feels he looks gloriously regal as per before. I take him to the bird vet each week for new ideas, because the problem seems to be growing further down his tony body and if Charlie couldn’t fly one day he’d be stricken. And seriously grouchy. Anyway, enough of my domestic bird issues, thank you for your wonderful site, very inspiring.

    Best of luck to you and all birds

    cheers, kb

  2. Trevor says:

    Thanks Kirsty. Must be fun (and distracting) having the birds around you as you try to get on with your writing. I must admit that the birds in our garden are a terrible distraction for me when I am trying to get on with my writing. I hear something happening outside and just have to go out and investigate.

  3. […] Caring for a baby honeyeater […]

  4. bloss says:

    Kirsty, would like to know WHAT u feed ur baby H/Eaters, i have a very small fussy one
    regards bloss

  5. bloss cleary says:

    hi Kristy last replied to you 2013 I now have more experience with Honey Eaters and yes they imprint so quickly, but a one of the dearest birds to look after

  6. kim vergan says:

    Hi i have been feeding my honeyeater off a little tiny plastic stick since I found it when it was about 8 days old. I was told it was a Starling so I fed it a Starling diet. Now at one month, her colours have come out and she is definitely a Honeyeater. I bought the Wombaroo Honeyeater mix but as its a liquid I am unsure what to do as my bird is used to eating off the eating utensil I use. Do I now switch to a syringe? I tried to thicken the mixture and fed her but I would hate to think of it being stuck in her throat as none of the food I have fed her has been this moist. She is very active and healthy.
    Kim Vergan

  7. Stacey Deal says:

    Hi Ive a baby one few in onto my table yesterday, put outside in a potted tree its been calling out for its mum If she is not here what can I feed it and how

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