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Making connections between humans and nature

In these hurried and hectic times it is important for humans to, once again, get connected to nature.  What better way to relax and enjoy the world than to witness the natural behavior of the animals around us unfold before our very eyes.
Birdwatching allows us all to get closer to wild nature in our own backyards and everywhere else on the planet.  As you will see from this inspiring collection of thoughts, images and experiences, anyone can reconnect with nature anytime, anywhere.  Just let your spirit soar!
Larry Jordan

I agree with Larry Jordan, host of this week’s I and the Bird #94. Here we have a fantastic collection of links to birding blogs from all over the globe. It’s like going on a birding holiday – without the expense nor the hassles of wasting hours in airports.

Larry’s blog – A Birder’s Report – is a bird lover’s delight, complete with wonderful photos of the birds he sees.

I and the Bird #87

The latest birding carnival has been hosted over at Ecobirder. This is issue #87 of I and the bird. Heaps of good reading about birds from all over the world with links to many bird blogs just like this one.

We’ve come a long way – 800th post on this blog

New Holland Honeyeater

New Holland Honeyeater

Only a few weeks ago this blog saw its 3rd Birthday.

Today we celebrate another milestone – 800 articles about birds. Wow – it has been an exciting ride.

This blog has survived where many have fallen by the wayside or lie dormant and unloved.

The longevity of this blog is mainly due to all of my readers and those who frequently comment on what I have written. There are now over 500 visitors every day so a great big THANK YOU to all who have stopped by – especially those who keep on returning. So many of you have left great comments and the discussions have been stimulating. Often I am sent scurrying for my reference books to find the answers to your questions. Keep ’em coming folks.

Three Invitations:

  • You are all invited to leave appropriate comments and questions in the comments section underneath each article. Remember – comments are moderated – so keep it polite.
  • Alternatively, you can email me privately using the contact form here.
  • I also invite you to dig deeper into all those articles on this blog. If you have recently discovered this blog, I have 800 articles about Australian birds waiting to be read. You can access then in two ways: click on the archives link here or click on any of the categories or contents pages on the side bar.
Musk Lorikeet

Musk Lorikeet

Photo gallery:

Don’t forget the family photo gallery here.  Over 2000 photos from all over the world taken by members of my family. Not only bird photos – plenty of scenery, animals, flowers, historic places – well – just go and have a look. We are adding to it regularly too, so you are invited to return often.

Oh No – I forgot my blog’s birthday

I have been so busy with my studies at university in recent weeks that I completely forgot to celebrate this blog’s THIRD BIRTHDAY. (Sings merrily to himself. No one joins in. Looks around – no one else in the room. BIG SIGH)

This blog started on the 3rd September 2005.

It has been an interesting journey with many friends visiting on a regular basis. Many people have commented and there have been some interesting debates.

My special thanks to Sim’ my son who keeps it all ticking over nicely in the technological sense.

Just to celebrate, here is one of my favourite bird photos.

Red Capped Robin

Red Capped Robin

Tasmanian Wildlife blog

This article is well overdue. I should have done this ages ago.

There are literally thousands of excellent natural history blogs on the internet these days. Many of them have a focus on just one area – like mine does with birds. Others cover a much broader range of topics.

The Nature of Tasmania is one such blog. It covers many aspects of Tasmania’s natural history – flora, fauna and geology – and much more. If you are only interested in birds it is still worth paying a visit – even if it is just for the wonderful photos. But this blog is far more than just photos…