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Happy Birthday Trevor

Pied Imperial Pigeon

It’s my birthday today.

Am I allowed a moment of self indulgence – and wish myself a Happy Birthday?

Why not take a moment out of your busy day and leave a greeting in the comments section?

I’d be mighty pleased if you did – and you would make my birthday a memorable one.

Happy Birthday – and happy birding.

Oops – I forgot my blog’s 5th birthday

Australian Pelican

Oops – I forgot a significant event in the life of this site – its 5th birthday. This site has been going now for over 5 years. I wrote an article about this event and back dated it here.

Further reading:

Guest speaker about Australian birds

White-headed Pigeon

Last week I had the privilege of talking about Australian birds to two community groups here in Murray Bridge, South Australia.

At the first meeting, a church group, I had an audience of eight. Despite the small number, my talk was well received and the photos shown much enjoyed.

On the following morning I spoke to the Mobilong Ladies Probus Club, this time to 108 ladies. Again the talk and photos were well received, and they laughed at my jokes which is a bonus. On the down side, I went a little over time so there was no time for questions.

I have done this presentation to nearly a dozen community groups now so I’m getting a name for myself. I’m prepared to speak to any group about my passionate interest.

I’m even prepared to travel interstate – if a plane ticket is provided! (Hey – no harm in hinting!)

Good birding.

New design for this site

Frequent visitors to this site will notice immediately that it has recently undergone a facelift.

My son does all the web design and maintenance for this and my other sites. You can contact him by going to his business site: Hampel Group.

The picture on the right is a typical pose of yours truly sussing out another exciting bird sighting to share on these pages. I didn’t know that my son had snapped that photo of me.

Happy birding.

Galah, Murray Bridge, South Australia

Spring must be here

I have a sneaking suspicion that spring has arrived in South Australia.

My reasons?

  • It has stopped raining every day.
  • The nights are warm enough not to have a heater going.
  • The days have more periods of sunshine than cloud.
  • I’ve had serious bouts of hay fever.
  • The birds are busy nesting.

And today I recorded two species of birds in our garden that usually arrive from up north about this time of the year.

The first was one of my favourites: the Rainbow Bee-eater.

Rainbow Bee-eater

The second species was the Horsfield’s Bronze-Cuckoo. I only heard this one briefly late in the afternoon. This is the first cuckoo I’ve heard this spring. I will be listening carefully for the other species of cuckoo that occur here at this time of the year. And with so many other species breeding they shouldn’t have trouble finding a host for their eggs.