Guest speaker about Australian birds

White-headed Pigeon

Last week I had the privilege of talking about Australian birds to two community groups here in Murray Bridge, South Australia.

At the first meeting, a church group, I had an audience of eight. Despite the small number, my talk was well received and the photos shown much enjoyed.

On the following morning I spoke to the Mobilong Ladies Probus Club, this time to 108 ladies. Again the talk and photos were well received, and they laughed at my jokes which is a bonus. On the down side, I went a little over time so there was no time for questions.

I have done this presentation to nearly a dozen community groups now so I’m getting a name for myself. I’m prepared to speak to any group about my passionate interest.

I’m even prepared to travel interstate – if a plane ticket is provided! (Hey – no harm in hinting!)

Good birding.


2 Responses to “Guest speaker about Australian birds”

  1. Jan McKay says:

    Hello, I am a Project Officer with COTA SA. I work with many Over 50s clubs around S.A. and I am always looking for new Guest Speakers to invite to our Seniors Forums. Would you be happy for me to promote your Guest Speaker information in our Programs Ideas Booklet which lists Guest Speakers for our clubs. It would be great if you could send me some information about your talks, costs, fees for travelling etc. as well. Many thanks Jan.Mckay

    • Trevor says:

      Hi Jan,

      Thank you for visiting my site. I get many requests to be a guest speaker, mainly locally here in Murray Bridge. At the moment I am really busy and am reluctant to take on too much extra, due to health concerns. I retired from teaching in 2004, but recently was asked to take on a university lecturing position half time, so that, unfortunately, restricts what I do for other groups.

      This situation may change at the end of the year, so I’ll let you know then if I’m able to take up your offer.

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