Choughs v Magpies

White Winged Chough

White Winged Chough

Last week I wrote about the conflict in our garden between the family of White Winged Choughs and the Little Ravens. Both species were present in our mallee scrub feeding several recently fledged young. There was considerable yelling at each other, not the mention chasing and general brouhaha.

More recently the choughs seemed to have taken up residence in our mallee scrub, the orchard and the garden. Now the Australian Magpies are objecting to them moving in on their territory. The male magpie has swooped the choughs on numerous occasions. He never actually attacks any of them but merely makes aggressive swoops in their general direction.

These attacks usually result in the choughs ganging up on the poor lone magpie and seeing him off. With twelve choughs against one magpie it seems that the odds are against the magpie.

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