Common Blackbirds nesting

Common Blackbird (babies in nest)

Common Blackbird (babies in nest)

Over the last few weeks the resident Common Blackbirds in our garden have been singing beautifully. They have also been giving their warning calls when I approach too close. With some careful observing I found out where they had built their nest (see photo above). For the second year running they have used a shelf in the pool shed where the pump and filter for our swimming pool are housed.

It proved to be quite a cosy place out of the wind and rain we’ve had recently. Today the nest was empty so they also survived the heatwave we had recently.

Common Blackbird (male)

Common Blackbird (male)


2 Responses to “Common Blackbirds nesting”

  1. Jo Davis says:

    I had my cat bring home a young blackbird. Alive n well but not yet fledged….. What and how can I help it reach maturity. I see it eats insects, seeds and fruits. thats easy. It feeds and drinks well. It does not yet have a tail but its little wings are developing nicely and bounces around very well. can anyone tell me how long before it may fledge and how to teach it to live on its own?

    • Trevor says:

      Hi Jo,

      Sorry about the delay in replying. When you wrote this I was on holiday in Spain with limited internet access.

      Most smaller birds will fledge in 2 – 4 weeks, larger birds a little longer.

      As for your second question, I have no idea about how to teach a bird to live on its own. Perhaps you could show it how to scratch in the garden? I can just see you down on the ground pretending to be mother bird! LOL.

      Seriously – how did it go? A assume that by now it has fully grown.

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