Crested Pigeon and early morning grooming, Mildura

Crested Pigeon, Mildura

Just before we left the caravan park in Mildura earlier this year, I saw this Crested Pigeon sitting on a power line attending to its early morning grooming. It totally ignored me snapping away below it. After a frosty night it was probably enjoying the first rays of sunshine. So was I.

Finally it consented to pose properly for me (see photos below).

Crested Pigeon, Mildura

Crested Pigeon, Mildura


2 Responses to “Crested Pigeon and early morning grooming, Mildura”

  1. Louise says:

    I think crested pigeons are a greatly undervalued bird. I like hearing them flapping about, and the colours on their wings are just lovely.

  2. Trevor says:

    I agree Louise. A wonderful bird and one we are so pleased to have as a breeding species in our garden. They are frequent visitors to our bird baths where we can get great views of their colours.

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