Crested Pigeon caught by surprise

Crested Pigeons are common birds in our garden and on our five acre block of land. They regularly come to visit the bird bath and have been breeding regularly over the years. We often see 15 to 20 or more sitting in a loose flock on the power lines bordering our property.

Yesterday, while hanging out the washing on the clothes line I observed one very surprised Crested Pigeon. He flew down from a nearby tree, under the clothes already on the line and landed not more than a metre from where I stood. For a brief second he paused, looked at me and then, a little startled, flew back to the tree again.

Crested Pigeon

Crested Pigeon

I enjoy hanging out the washing. It gives me a break from the computer and gets me fresh air. It also gets me out where the birds are, and this I enjoy because over the years I have made some great observations while completing this task. The eyes are naturally looking up and I see things like eagles, kites, hawks, swallows, ibises and many other birds flying overhead. I live in hope of someday seeing some swifts in this way too.


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  1. Snail says:

    I’ve noticed that the population of crested pigeons are increasing in Melbourne. It wasn’t all that long ago that you’dhave been lucky to see one in the city but now they’re regular visitors. They’re almost as common as the spotted turtle doves around here now. (Please adjust for hyperbole.)

  2. Trevor says:

    There have been comments on Birding Aus over the years on the fairly rapid expansion of this species. There has been southern movement in Victoria and South Australia and eastern movement towards Canberra. Some twenty years ago (perhaps more – I can’t remember the details) one would have to drive for several hours west of Canberra to see a CP, now they are becoming common in parks and gardens there. They are also very common now in Adelaide’s parklands.

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