Crested Pigeons by the dozens

Last week when I was at college I had a short break between lectures. I took this opportunity to have a short ten minute walk through the grounds. Next to the student car park there is an oval and a grassed area where many local people walk their dogs.

Crested Pigeons

Crested Pigeons

Using the term “grassed area” is being somewhat generous. With the water restrictions over the last year and the very hot, dry conditions during our recent summer months the grass is lacking any greenness and is almost dead. There must be enough seed left for the local population of Crested Pigeons to find a feed. I observed approximately 90 Crested Pigeons feeding in an area about the size of three tennis courts. They have obviously been prolific breeders in recent times. This area has many trees and low bushy shrubs in the parks and gardens nearby, so there would be plenty of nesting sites.

The above photo was not taken at the time. It was taken in Clare in another part of South Australia at a time when there had been some rain to green up the grass.


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