Death of a Galah

Last night I went for a walk in the cool of the evening. It was just on dark when I arrived home. I didn’t go with the intention of doing any birding; it was just a much needed walk to deal with the indulgence of the season. (Actually, I was rather good and didn’t over-indulge over Christmas.)

At one point in the gathering gloom I saw what looked like a Galah. Not your usual pose mind you. This poor Galah was obviously dead and was hanging from a thin dead branch near the top of the tree. There was not enough light to be absolutely certain, but it looked as though this unfortunate bird had accidentally caught its leg in the sharp V-shape junction of two twigs and couldn’t escape. Poor thing.

On reflection, I seem to have some memory of having seen this sort of incident before but I can’t recall the details.

The photo below shows some Galahs in our garden.




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