Do I need CDs featuring bird calls?

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Do I need to buy a set of CDs featuring bird calls?

  • No – but they are an excellent learning resource especially if you are just beginning in birding.
  • Another use for them, even for experienced birders, is to get to recognise species by call alone. I can do that with probably about 50 species found near our home. When I move to the Adelaide Hills only 60 kilometres away some species are not as well known to me and I flounder with my identification.
  • I know I am really out of my zone of experience when I go birding in Sydney, for example.
  • Queensland and the Northern Territory are like going to another country. I can recognise them when I see them, but it is useful to also be able to ID a bird by call alone.


2 Responses to “Do I need CDs featuring bird calls?”

  1. Duncan says:

    It’s invaluable to be able to recognise birds by their calls when doing Atlas surveys as you’d know Trevor, saves a lot of time. A birder I know has the tapes playing whenever she drives anywhere, that’s dedication!

  2. Trevor says:

    You are quite correct Duncan. I’m not dedicated enough to have them playing in the car all the time – but its a good strategy. (I wonder what my wife would think?)

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