Don’t get caught short: toilets in Australia

It is amazing what one can find on the internet. I recently read on a post to Birding-Aus a reference to a very informative web page. The writer referred to the National Public Toilet Map. This site lists many (but not all) public toilets with a map showing its location and details of the facilities available and the opening times. Very helpful.

I now have this vision of anxious people with pained expressions on their faces running around with their laptops searching for a public toilet. Still, it could be useful when out birding in an area new to you. Of course, you’d need to check the map before leaving home. I guess it won’t be long before you can access such a site on your mobile phone – in fact, some phones may already be enabled to do that.


2 Responses to “Don’t get caught short: toilets in Australia”

  1. Snail says:

    I wonder if they have redback ratings?

  2. Trevor says:

    Good one Snail, hadn’t thought of that.

    For non-Australians reading this, Snail refers to the potentially deadly Redback Spider, common throughout much of Australia. It has a habit of lurking in dark places under rubbish, in sheds and garages and under the seats of outside toilets, of which there are many in parks around Australia. Being bitten on the nether regions of one’s body is not a prospect relished by anyone.

    In that one paragraph I’ve probably put off countless visitors from ever coming to Australia. I would hasten to add that antivenom has been available now since 1956.

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