Eagle attack

I always thought that paragliding seemed to be a somewhat dangerous pursuit. Like all extreme sports, the prospect of danger seems to be one of the main adrenalin surging elements.

One paraglider received a little more of an adrenalin rush than normal. Her glider was attacked by a pair of Wedge Tailed Eagles.

Britain’s top female paraglider has cheated death after being attacked by a pair of “screeching” wild eagles while competition flying in Australia.

Nicky Moss, 38, watched terrified as two huge birds began tearing into her parachute canopy, one becoming tangled in her lines and clawing at her head 2,500 metres (8,200ft) in the air.

“I heard screeching behind me and a eagle flew down and attacked me, swooping down and bouncing into the side of my wing with its claws,” Moss told Reuters on Friday.

Read the story in the Melbourne Age here.


4 Responses to “Eagle attack”

  1. Snail says:

    That’s amazing! And those eagles certainly get a long way up.

  2. darky says:

    Hi from snail’s commenters.

    “Moss, who crashed into a gum tree in Australia **last year** while flying in Victoria, said her latest encounter had not put her off flying.”

    Oh dear, another pom in the running for a Darwin Award.

    And they don’t call those wedgies **audax** for nothing, ay.

  3. Trevor says:

    Amazing? I’d call it downright scary!

  4. Trevor says:

    Hi there Darky. Welcome to my blog. Thanks for coming over to visit from Snail.

    I could list a whole team of poms who are in the running for said award. And they just keep coming back for more. Still – they did manage to get one back on the Aussies at the SCG tonight.

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