Early morning walk and a bird of prey

I rose early this morning so I could go for a walk. I left the house just after sunrise. The air was crisp and cool and I was pleased it had not yet warmed up to the forecast temperature.

I decided to take the route along the road up the hill from our home. Because it was early there was very little traffic. This meant I could concentrate on the bird life. I was quite delighted with the busy activity of so many birds all around me.

Just as I approached a bush on the road side I was aware of a sudden flapping. A Singing Honeyeater shot like an arrow from the bush closely pursued by a Collared Sparrowhawk. They flew to another bush on the opposite side of the road. The honeyeater was too quick for the hawk and escaped. The hawk wheeled around, flew back in front of me and then off to look for another potential meal.

As I continued my walk I noticed the sparrow-hawk eyeing off a small flock of Common Starlings nearby. I hope he had more luck with them and eventually caught some breakfast.

The photo below was taken last year, possibly of the same bird. If it is the same bird it is a frequent visitor to our garden.

Updated November 2013.

Collared Sparrowhawk

Collared Sparrowhawk


3 Responses to “Early morning walk and a bird of prey”

  1. Snail says:

    We’ve had a big increase in starlings this year. I hope the raptors are having a feast.

  2. Trevor says:

    I haven’t observed any changes in the Starling population around here recently. As the breeding season progresses the number increases rapidly – then they all disappear – thankfully just as our fruit is ripening. They must go closer to the river where a lot of orchards (eg apricots) are grown. They are just now starting to return in small numbers.

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