Eastern Reef Egret, The Bluff, Victor Harbor

Eastern Reef Egret, The Bluff, Victor Harbor

Last month we went on a day trip with friends of ours to Victor Harbor. We primarily went to see the whales but in that quest we were unsuccessful. Best thing we saw was several seals. It was a wild stormy day and I guess the whales used their common sense and stayed under water as much as possible.

During the afternoon we drove to the base of The Bluff, a prominent hill on the south western edge of town. On the short drive to the fishing jetty there are many rocky outcrops close into shore. I’ve always found this spot to be good for birding. I was not disappointed on this occasion either.

This solitary Eastern Reef Egret (also called Eastern Reef Heron) was busy feeding around the rocks, the photo above showing he has a “crest” – it’s actually the blustery wind giving the bird a “bad feather day”.

This species in interesting in that it can be found in both the dark morph, shown in these photos, and a white version.  As far as I know this species is not very commonly seen in South Australia, so I have reported this sighting to Birds SA. In fact, I’ve never seen it in South Australia myself. I’ve only seen it twice before – both times in Western Australia many years ago.

This species is not to be confused with the White-faced Heron, shown in the last photo below.

Eastern Reef Egret, The Bluff, Victor Harbor

Eastern Reef Egret, The Bluff, Victor Harbor

White Faced Heron


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  1. Brett Ibbotson says:

    I live down at Victor Harbor and am a keen surfer/fisherman so spent some time along the coastline. I would say the Eastern reef egret is a relatively common sight along this shoreline with suitable habitat extending south from the Bluff. Have also seen them in other parts of South Oz. Interesting bird though and always nice to see.

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