Eastern Rosella still present

Eastern Rosella in our garden

Eastern Rosella in our garden

Over the last few months we have had a single Eastern Rosella frequently visiting our garden. This beautiful bird recently came to visit our bird bath just outside our sun room. I was able to get several good photos before it flew off again.

This individual has been hanging around now for several months. This species does not naturally occur around here, so I assume it is an aviary escapee. I have previously seen one a few kilometres from our home.

Eastern Rosella in our garden

Eastern Rosella in our garden

The Eastern Rosella is relatively common in the Adelaide region where it was introduced some years ago. Its normal range is south eastern Australia.

This particular individual must be feeling lonely. It keeps on following our resident family of Mallee Ringneck parrots. In return, they show quite a deal of antagonism towards it, chasing it and generally harassing it. They were at it again this evening, causing quite a stir in the garden.

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