European Greenfinch

While having lunch at Strathalbyn (about 50 kilometres SE of Adelaide, South Australia) I heard several European Greenfinches calling in the trees in the park by the river. I tried to locate one of them in a tree nearby, but it insisted on keeping most of the tree between itself and my waiting binoculars. I finally had a brief – perhaps two second – glimpse of the bird before it flew away. It did not return before I had to leave.

The European Greenfinch is an introduced species to Australia. It is reasonably widespread through the south eastern parts of coastal Australia. I have only been able to record this species on a handful of occasions, so this was a special sighting. Because of my fleeting glimpse I was not able to get a photo. To see some photos, and more information about this species, click here.


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  1. Wolf says:

    These birds are regular visitors of my seed-box. They come in huge numbers (even up to 15 birds at a time). I’ll try and make a nice photo or video of them and I’ll post it on my blog. But it might take a while, as this year the weather is still pretty warm and these birds still have enough to eat in the woods. They come on my window sill when it gets colder. But don’t worry, as soon as they arrive, the photo will be on my blog 🙂

  2. Trevor says:

    Hi there again Wolf.

    Regular bird visitors to the garden are a wonderful thing. We have several water bowls for the birds to drink and bathe in and they are becoming popular again now that the hot weather is coming in again.

  3. Wolf says:

    Hi! Yes, water bowls are a wonderful thig that attracts the birds! We have 2 of them in our garden, as well, and birds love them. But now that the winter started, I moved them inside. I put out the seed bowl on my window instead and birds invade it every day 🙂 Even a magpie dad has com to my window – I recorded him, so you can see him on my blog 🙂

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  5. Rosemary Collins says:

    5 seen feeding on a church lawn in Murray Bridge, SA on Thurs28/9/23.

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