Fantailed Raven, Ethiopia

Fan-tailed Raven, Ethiopia

On my visit to Ethiopia late last year I saw many crows and ravens, especially the very common Pied Crow. The species I feature today, the Fan-tailed Raven, I saw only on one occasion. We had driven north about 100km from Addis Ababa to Portuguese Bridge. I managed to get a few good photos and added several species to my list.

The Fan-tailed Raven certainly has a very descriptive name, and to see them soaring on thermals overhead the fanned out tail helps considerably in the identification process. You can see this in the photo below.

This species is widespread throughout north eastern Africa and in parts of the Sahara. It feeds on insects and other invertebrates, food scraps, fruit, carrion and even grain.

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Fan-tailed Raven, Ethiopia

Fan-tailed Raven, Ethiopia


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  1. Maurie says:

    How big are their eggs?

    And are they best boiled or scrambled?

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