Frustrating Birding Moments

Yesterday I wrote about great birding moments. When they happen it leaves one with a feeling of elation. To get a good photo of an elusive – or even a common – species is also very satisfying. It helps one to savour the wonderful moment over and over, marvelling that the said bird was in the right place at the right time and posed just right. Perhaps the light was also very good, highlighting the special features of the bird and bringing out the colours brilliantly.

Yesterday the opposite happened to me.

I was inside – it was cold, grey and uninviting outside. I heard a family of White Browed Babblers in the garden outside the office. I crept outside with camera primed. They flew around to the other side of the house and perched at the very top of a wattle (Acacia) tree. No matter what noises I made trying to convince them to come closer, they stayed right up there, sitting in full view but too far away and against the dull grey sky. A very frustrating ten minutes ended when they all flew off rapidly towards the neighbour’s garden. I’m not sure what they were saying about me as they flew, but I am sure I heard a few chuckles as they left.

Below is a photo of another White Browed Babbler taken some time ago in different circumstances. I’m not totally happy with it, but it’s the best shot I’ve taken of this species so far. At least one can identify it; the only shot I took yesterday shows a brown blog against a grey sky!

White Browed Babbler

White Browed Babbler

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