Golden Whistler visit

We just had a beautiful bird visit our patio area next to the house. A female Golden Whistler was hopping about the pot plants just outside our lounge room. We have seen this beautiful bird in the garden and in the plant nursery but rarely does it come so close to the house. We were able to watch it from inside the sliding glass door as it hopped around for several minutes, catching the insects near the plants.

Although the female seems to be a dull brown colour, up close like this, one is aware of the subtle markings on the wings and back. I must keep a lookout for the male; he is coloured bright yellow – golden yellow, hence the species name.


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  1. Christine Kiely says:

    Golden Whistler and Rufous Whistler
    I have been fortunate to capture several photos of a beautiful Golden Whistler in our garden. Every day for the past 4 or 5 months we have a Rufous Whistler in the garden around our house. I have many photos of him. He has been nesting near our house. He is unafraid of us and is heard around our house most of the day with his speldid call.

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