Golden Whistlers in the garden

Golden Whistler (male)

Golden Whistler (male)

We are having some lovely autumn weather at present. What a contrast to the severe heat waves of the summer just past. It would be perfect if it rained one day; in fact – we need many days of good soaking rain in our area.

A few days ago I was relaxing in the garden reading a book. My daughter was sitting nearby also enjoying a book. A sudden burst of song a few metres away sent me scurrying for my camera. “Whistler!” I called as I disappeared inside.

Golden Whistler (male)

Golden Whistler (male)

Emerging with the camera I was pleased to get several reasonable photos of both a male and a female. There was another uncoloured juvenile male hanging around too.

It had been quite a few months since the last visit by this species to our garden.

It was an added delight on a thoroughly delightful day.

Golden Whistler (female)

Golden Whistler (female)


3 Responses to “Golden Whistlers in the garden”

  1. John Tongue says:

    Hi Trevor,
    lovely shots. I’m often surprised at how hard Golden Whistlers can be to find, even when they’re singing clearly.

  2. Trevor says:

    You are so right John. Sometimes they seem to be only metres away – yet be virtually invisible. At best they a grey shape somewhere up there in the canopy.

    We are fortunate here in that on a few occasions when I have had easy access to the camera I’ve been able to get quite close to them – especially when they are feeding in our low mallee trees. Some of the trees are no more than 3-4 metres high and with sparse foliage. That helps the photography.

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