Good Articles you may have missed

The number of readers of this birding blog continues to grow steadily. Readers who may have discovered this blog only recently may have missed some of the interesting articles I have featured here over the last 18 months.

Here is a digest of some popular articles. Many of the articles have comments by readers, so it is worth reading those as well. Just click on the title and that will take you to the relevant article:

  1. Diamond Firetail Finches – one of our most beautiful birds.
  2. Eastern Rosella – many comments about this beautiful species.
  3. Favourite Birding Spots #1 – the first in a series of good birding spots.
  4. Great Birding Moments #13 – Sulphur Crested Cockatoos
  5. Do Blackbirds Swoop? How to deal with aggressive behaviour in birds. A very long and detailed article about birds that act aggressively. Includes many comments and observations from readers.
  6. Gotcha! I finally captured a photo of the beautiful Rainbow Bee-eater in our garden.

Of course this list is merely a sample of the well over 400 articles about birds on this blog. To read more you can click on one of the categories listed on the side bar, or go to the contents section or check out the Archives.

Updated November 2013.


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