Gouldian Finch, Adelaide Zoo

Gouldian Finch, Adelaide Zoo

The above photo of a  Gouldian Finch in an aviary in the Adelaide Zoo, South Australia is not a good one.

Sure – it shows some of the brilliant colours of this magnificent species, but the bird in question would not turn to face me. I had enough problems focussing on the birds through the black wire netting of the aviary, only to add to my angst when the bird would not pose appropriately for me. Nor would any of the other finches in this cage despite waiting a considerable time for them to settle. They were all very flighty and more concerned about flying around than posing for me.


Next time… I hope.

Gouldian Finch, Adelaide Zoo

Gouldian Finch, Adelaide Zoo


2 Responses to “Gouldian Finch, Adelaide Zoo”

  1. Mimfilip says:

    Hi Trevor,
    The finches may have given you the cold shoulder at the Adelaide Zoo, but I really enjoy your blog. Cheers Mim

    • Trevor says:

      Thanks for visiting my site, Mim, and for leaving your kind comments.


      Yours is the 5000th comment on this site. Sorry – no prize – just a little reflected glory.

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