Great Birding Moments #10 Noisy Miner

Noisy Miner

Noisy Miner

Last week I went for a stroll through the Adelaide Botanic Gardens. I was pleased to get several good photos of a Silver Gull, a Dusky Moorhen and some Pacific Black Ducks on the lake near the restaurant area. I then walked around the lake where I could see some Red Hot Poker flowers lighting up the gardens. Not much else was in flower which is to be expected in mid-winter.

As I was taking some very nice shots of the flowers a Noisy Miner came to feed on the flowers. This was within 2 metres of me and it didn’t seem to mind me moving around trying to get the best angles and the best light on the subject. I love it when birds seem to be posing for me!

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Noisy Miner

Noisy Miner


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  1. […] The most conspicuous species was the Rock Dove. Groups of three to five flew overhead or around the nearby buildings every minute or so. The next common species was the Rainbow Lorikeet. Small flocks of up to six or eight went screeching from tree to tree at least every five minutes. Noisy Miners squabbled and carried on in nearby trees all day. I was surprised none came down to the lawn to search for dropped food. Perhaps the large crowd was too intimidating even for them. I also observed two Sulphur-Crested Cockatoos over the Torrens River, several Adelaide Rosellas (a sub-species of the Crimson Rosella) flying nearby and a single Magpie Lark. Surprisingly, I also saw only one Crested Pigeon all day. They are a very common species in the parklands. […]

  2. […] Small flocks of Rainbow Lorikeets seemed the most common species. I also noticed quite a few Noisy Miners flying between trees and bushes near the road. The introduced Spotted Turtle Dove appeared […]

  3. […] Great Birding Moments: Noisy Miner – this shows a better photo of the flower Monday December 8th, 2008 | Categories: General » Leave a comment   […]

  4. […] various honeyeaters, with plenty of Noisy Miners […]

  5. […] to share in this ill-gotten booty. Not long after this, as they were squabbling over their prize, a Noisy Miner joined in the fun. Noisy Miners are one of our native honeyeater species; they can be quite […]

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