Great Birding Moments # 25 Superb Blue Wrens

Male Superb Blue Wren

Male Superb Blue Wren

I love seeing the various species of wrens we have here in Australia. Possibly the species most commonly encountered would be the Superb Blue Wren. It is indeed superb. The male in his breeding plumage is magnificent.

This species can be quite tame where they become used to people. In parks, gardens and picnic areas they are quite at home hopping around your feet. They are even bold enough to join you on the picnic table looking for crumbs from your lunch.

On a recent drive along the Murray River upstream from Mannum we stopped to check out a lagoon near the road. I was looking for water birds. I had just pulled up by this post on the side of the road when a male and female Superb Blue Wren decided that they had better investigate what we were up to. They posed beautifully for several minutes, enough time to take some lovely photos.

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Superb Blue Wrens

Superb Blue Wrens


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  1. […] that statement. In its own way it is quite an attractive bird. It will never compete with the Superb Blue Wren or some of our finches, for example, but it is certainly not […]

  2. jackson says:

    we have these birds all the time in our backyard

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