Great Birding Moments #8 Silver Gull

Silver Gull

Silver Gull

I love it when birds allow me to come quite close to them in their natural habitat. And it’s even greater when they pose in such a way that they make it so easy to get a great photo. Earlier this year on a visit to Sydney we were walking along near Circular Quay when I saw several Silver Gulls up close. The above photo is the best of those taken at the time.

Now for readers who have never been to Sydney, Circular Quay is a very busy place on the harbour. Trains rattle overhead every minute or so. Ferries and other boats are coming into the dock or leaving every minute or two. People on foot are moving past in their thousands every hour. It is a hustling, bustling and noisy part of the city.

Silver Gulls seem to thrive here. That’s not surprising, because the outdoor restaurants and food outlets are everywhere. Our Silver Gulls seem to adore takeaway and fast food!

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3 Responses to “Great Birding Moments #8 Silver Gull”

  1. Nice photo. I think Peter Ustinov once describe seagulls as rats with wings!

  2. Trevor says:

    Hmmm – that’s perhaps a bit harsh as I think they are a beautiful bird, but they have developed pest status only because so many people think it is cute to feed them and have them begging for more.

  3. […] photos of a small group Silver Gulls were taken recently on the beach of Encounter Bay near the Yilki store in Victor Harbor on the […]

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