Green Peafowl, Adelaide Zoo

Green Peafowl at Adelaide Zoo

One of the more spectacular displays by any bird species would have to be that of the male (peacock) of the Indian Peafowl. A closely related species is the Green Peafowl, shown in the photos on this post. I took these photos in a walk through aviary at the Adelaide Zoo late last year. The male decided I wanted some beautiful photos of his amazing plumage and displayed it for my benefit.

The Indian Peafowl is more commonly known as a peacock, but that name should be reserved for only the male. It is native to the Indian sub-continent where I was able to see it in its natural habitat in the forest area of Royal Chitwan National Park in southern Nepal. You can read about my experiences on Trevor’s Travels. The Green Peafowl, however, is native to south east Asia and could well be extinct on the Indian sub-continent. Unlike the Indian Peafowl, the male and female Green Peafowl are very similar in the colours of their plumage.

The Indian Peafowl has been introduced into many countries and is commonly kept in zoos, private collections, parks and gardens. In some places there are semi-feral populations, including King and Flinders Islands in Tasmania, and Kangaroo Island here in South Australia.

Green Peafowl at Adelaide Zoo

Green Peafowl at Adelaide Zoo


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  2. Bill says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    Good Morning. I was wondering weather you could help me.
    For some years now we have been trying to get hold of some
    green peafowls, and was told that our best bet was to get
    in contact with Adelaide Zoo, as you have them.We are
    wanting to get hold of a pair or a trio to breed from.Any
    information would be greatly appreciated. Or if you could
    point us in the right direction. Thanking you for your
    time. Regards Bill

    • Trevor says:

      Hi Bill,

      Thanks for your email.

      While I am a member of the Adelaide Zoo and have been for many years, I have no official status within the organisation. I am just a visitor.

      To contact the zoo, just type “Adelaide Zoo” in your browser. They have a very extensive website with contact details, including a phone number. However, I would seriously doubt that they would be in the business of selling any of their stock to individuals but you could try.

      A better alternative is to search online for “green peahens for sale”. When I did this quite a few sites came up in a few seconds.

      All the best.

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