Happy New Year

Galahs at nesting hollow

Happy New Year.

I hope that 2011 brings you many interesting and wonderful birding experiences. I am certainly looking forward to getting out birding a lot more in 2011 than I did over the last few years. Now that I’ve completed the requirements for my Master of Arts Creative Writing degree I am determined to get back to more birding. It has been an intensive time of study, writing, staring at the computer monitor and generally late nights. This New Year has so much promise and so many possibilities. I hope to continue to share my interest in Australian birds here on this site and to encourage my growing readership to participate through the comments section of each article.

New Venture

This year might see a completely new venture on this site. Our daughter is planning on spending half the year teaching overseas. My wife and I are hoping to visit her few a while and I will be taking plenty of photos of birds to share here on this site. We haven’t planned our itinerary yet but let me assure you that we are planning on visiting some very exciting birding parts of Africa. More news on this in coming articles.

First birds for 2011

The New Year is nearly 12 hours old as I write this, but I still haven’t been out birding. After our celebrations I needed to sleep in a little. Just after midnight I heard a solitary Galah flying over our house. What it was doing flying around in the dark I don’t know; perhaps it was on its way home from New Year’s Eve celebrations! I thought I also heard an Australian Owlet-nightjar calling but it didn’t call a second time so I’m not sure about that one. Then at first light there was a Little Raven calling raucously outside our bedroom window. So much for trying to sleep in!

Little Raven


2 Responses to “Happy New Year”

  1. Happy New Year to you Trevor!
    I sat out on my front veranda this morning and these are the birds I saw.
    A galah on its way to meet with the others I could hear but not see, probably in next door’s gum tree. A blackbird, two willie wagtails, two white-plumed honeyeaters, several sparrows, two welcome swallows, a larger bird I can’t name of at the moment – bigger than a blackbird aggressive raucous cry?
    That’s it, all seen witihin ten minutes, and not really trying to see them. I love living in the country!

    Good luck with your overseas birding!

  2. Trevor says:

    Thanks Carolyn,

    You have just highlighted one of the great things about having an interest in birds – you can watch them wherever you are and even if you are doing something else. I’ve even done some bird watching while in church!

    We have a relatively new back veranda where we often eat meals. The birds in our garden are a constant delight.

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