Happy Second Birthday

Today marks the second birthday of this blog about birds and birding. It has been an interesting journey. I look forward to another great year of birding and blogging about birds and birding.

A growing blog

This blog has grown from a few dozen tentative readers in the first few months (mainly friends and family) through to nearly 29,000 visitors in 2006. Up to the end of August this year the site had received about 70,000 visitors for the year to date averaging over 300 per day. The graph in my statistics shows no sign of slowing down and it still continues its upward movement.

Dusky  Woodswallow

Dusky Woodswallow

Thank you readers

Thank you to all my regular loyal visitors and readers. Thank you also to all those who take the trouble to leave a comment or to ask a question. Developing this site as a birding community is one of the aims I have in posting articles almost every day. I hope you continue to visit and participate. Any day now this blog will pass the 600 article mark. I have many more interesting articles planned for coming weeks and months. What I cannot plan for is the many wonderful sightings of birds I know will come over the next year or so, and I will just have to share them with my readers.

Special links:

I often include links to other articles and provide further reading links. As a Birthday Special I have links below to highlights from the last two years:


6 Responses to “Happy Second Birthday”

  1. John says:

    Happy blogiversary, Trevor!

  2. Hi Trevor,

    I am sure your granddog, Nancy, would like me to wish you a happy blog birthday. Happy Blog Birthday! BTW the link from your other blog doesn’t work, it’s got an extra http in it.

  3. Snail says:

    And from me too. Onwards and upwards!

  4. Trevor says:

    Thank you everyone.

    Thanks for the alert that one of the links was wrong – it it now fixed.

  5. Trevor says:

    Just an update – I originally put the wrong caption on the woodswallow photo above – now fixed. (Hides embarrassed face)

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