How to be a Birder part 11

Hint # 11 Find a birding companion

I enjoy my own company but when it comes to birding there are advantages in having birding companion or two. I my case this is usually my wife, but then she usually has her head looking down at the plants or taking photos of flowers.

Having someone to share your interest in birds has several advantages:

  • Sharing the cost travelling to distant birding spots.
  • Help with identification of difficult species.
  • Company when travelling distances or when the birding is slow.
  • Four or more eyes and ears are more likely to pick up more species.
  • Equipment like telescopes can be shared.
  • New friendships can be developed and old ones further enhanced.
  • Going birding with someone more experienced than you can be very instructive; you will learn plenty of great hints and help with identification.

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Laughing Kookaburra

Laughing Kookaburra


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