How to be a Birder part 19

Hint # 19 Join in Birding Forums on the Internet (eg Birding-Aus)

Birding Forums on the internet are another excellent way to learn about birds. They are also great places to find out about excellent birding spots. The exchange of information can be an excellent way to learn and expand your knowledge. I subscribe to three currently:

  • Birding-Aus (birds in Australia)
  • Canberra Birds (birds in the Canberra, Australia, region)
  • BirdChat (birds in the USA)

I also subscribe to a number of news groups that have regular posting of bird sightings and details of upcoming excursions.

An important aspect of any kind of forums on the internet is the community that is developed over time. The wonderful thing about Birding-Aus, for example, is the willingness of various correspondents to share their knowledge of birds and birding information with others on the list of subscribers. The ability to ask for help is a powerful tool. Help is usually only a mouse-click away.

Forums are only valuable if a range of people contribute to the discussions. Some people prefer never to contribute. I would encourage new members of any forum to read the various postings for a few days or even weeks before making their first post. This is to get a feel for the types of postings relevant to that particular forum.

To learn more hints about how to be a birder click here.

Noisy Miner

Noisy Miner


2 Responses to “How to be a Birder part 19”

  1. Kylie says:

    Hi Trevor
    Also being a Murray Bridge-ian I read parts of your blog with added interest 🙂

    I enjoyed your humourous, light and entertaining writing style. I do love birds and the outdoors and although I’m not a birder I found your blog very interesting.

    All the best, Kylie

  2. Trevor says:

    Hi there Kylie – welcome to my blog and thank you for your comments. You are the first person (other than family) from Murray Bridge to comment on my blogs. I have had comments from all over the world but this is the first from “home”. I am pleased that you have enjoyed my writing. Have you looked at my other blogs? Check them out by clicking on the links.

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