How to be a Birder part 20

Hint #20 Keep on birding – often

You can’t call yourself a birder if you don’t watch birds.

Even confined to a hospital bed you can be a birder (if you have access to a window of course). You can watch birds in your garden, birds flying past your apartment windows, birds in the street where you wait for a bus on the way to work or from the train window. Here in Australia I know of people who watch birds while riding their bikes to and from work. When I was a teacher I often had a notebook in my pocket and made a list of birds seen while in the playground on yard duty.

Set aside time to go on picnics to the local parks, public gardens and beaches. Watch the birds you see while you have your picnic. Go for a drive into the hills or a nearby national park, and then stop to look for birds. Is there a river or estuary nearby? Go for a walk along the bank looking out for birds as you go. If you have regular fitness runs along an esplanade, keep a mental list of the birds you see and then write down the species names when you get back home.

When planning a holiday, look for opportunities to go birding. Study the maps and look for lakes, rivers, reservoirs and national parks. When we travel we have breaks several times a day for a cup of tea. With a thermos or two on board we usually look for a roadside patch of scrub for our break. The birding is invariably better than in a town centre. A visit to a zoo can also reveal great birds both inside and outside the aviaries.

Wherever you go, whatever you do, birding is possible.

Just keep your eyes open and you will see them

Happy birding.

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Dusky Moorhen

Dusky Moorhen


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