How to be a lazy birder part 1

Birding can be exhausting, so today I start a series for The Lazy Birder.

  • Be careful not to exert yourself doing this activity.
  • Gently pick up your binoculars and hang them by the strap around your neck so you don’t strain your arms too much.
  • Gently stroll outside into the garden.
  • Find a comfortable place to sit.
  • Watch the birds as they come to you.
  • If you are really energetic, you may write down a list of the birds you see (optional).
  • Go to sleep if you get drowsy – the birds will still be there when you wake.
  • Happy birding.

5 Responses to “How to be a lazy birder part 1”

  1. De says:

    Help, on Kangaroo Island recently, I noted, with some difficulty, small stubby tailed lorikeets feeding on blossoms, I saw a lot of green and a purple crown… but no red flashes either underwing or over the beak.

    My Simpson and Day field guide shows a double eyed fig parrot as the closest to what I saw – however they appear to be tropical…I managed a photo or two but as you mention in your blog re the purple crowned lorikeet the bird I saw is difficult to distinguish among the leaves. I’d be happy to send the pic to you so you can see for yourself and hopefully help me solve this conundrum. KI is a great spot for birding…

  2. Snail says:

    Sounds exactly like my sort of birding. Now, what about something to hold the field guide? You can get nice perspex stands for cookery books. I’m sure they’d do the job.

  3. Trevor says:

    I sure you will find something suitable. Just don;t expend too much energy looking for the holder. Thought: can something like that be ordered on-line?

  4. Trevor says:

    Denise – they can be rather confusing little birds. What you are seeing are probably immature Purple Crowned Lorikeets. The variations in plumage are not mentioned in Simpson and Day (at least, not in the version I have). Are you able to consult a different field guide (eg in the local library, or even on-line?

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