How to be a lazy birder part 6

This is part 6 in the series of articles called The Lazy Birder.


  • Pour yourself a favourite liquid refreshment.
  • Settle in your most comfortable chair in front of the television.
  • Switch on the television.


  • Watch your favourite television programme.
  • Take particular notice of any birds seen during the programme.
  • Listen to the sound track of the programme. Can you hear any bird calls?
  • Try to identify the birds you see or hear.
  • This method is particularly effective when outside broadcasts or sporting events are on television. (Warning: if the origin of the broadcast is from another country or continent you may have difficulty identifying the birds you see.)
  • If you don’t see or hear any birds, don’t be too disappointed; enjoy the show anyway.


  • The photo below has nothing to do with this article.



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