I and the Bird #39 and #40

I’ve been rather busy in recent weeks. I do relief driving for a friend who runs a local courier business. Just before Christmas he needed an operation which meant an enforced break for about four weeks. The job takes up most of the day, from 7am to nearly 10pm with just a short lunch and dinner break. This leaves very little time for birding and little time for blogging. Many of my recent posts were written well before Christmas.

Life is now returning to normal. A few days ago, however, I realised I’d missed the submission dates for I and the Bird Carnivals #39 AND #40. Never mind, I’ve still got a few days to submit for #41.

Here are the links for the two I missed:

  • I and the bird #39: A visit from Sandy Claws on Natural Visions Photography and Birding

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