I and the Bird #42

The latest edition of the carnival I and the Bird, now up to #42, has just been published on the blog called Neurophilosophy. This time the contributors (including yours truly) have been given honorary positions as crew members of Darwin’s HMS Beagle on a journey of discovering birds all over the world. I haven’t looked at any of the links yet but I am sure that there is plenty there to keep bird lovers reading for some time.

Check it out.



2 Responses to “I and the Bird #42”

  1. John Tongue says:

    On a 20,000km + trip through much of central and Eastern Aus a couple of years ago, we were doing a fair bit of birding, too. Though it’s an introduced species, I was keen to track down a Red-whiskered Bulbul around Sydney. We stopped for lunch on the roadside near Berowra, and while eating lunch in the van, something with a distinct crest hopped by outside. I BEGAN to say, “I doubt it would be a whipbird because….” when the bird gave a resounding “Crack”! I commented that the stupid bird didn’t even know what kind of bird it was. My family have never let me forget it! (And I still haven’t ‘ticked’ Red-whiskered Bulbul.)

  2. Trevor says:

    From memory I’ve only ever seen it once – but to make up for that I saw several other bulbuls in Nepal.

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