I saw this bird and I thought of you

A friend sidled up to me the other day and said, “I saw this little bird and I thought of you, Trevor.”

Now – I’m not sure whether that ever happens to you or not, but it is becoming a rather frequent occurrence in my life. You see, I’m not slow at letting people know that I am a birder, someone whose passion is watching birds in the wild. That’s what this blog is all about after all.

Said friend went on to say that this little bird actually attacked him. I pressed him with several key questions, such as, size, colour, location and what was it actually doing. Within a minute I had established that it was probably a Red-capped Plover (see photo), a small wading bird common around the coast of Australia and in suitable wetlands inland. It was “attacking” my friend because it either had a nest with eggs or newly hatched chicks nearby.

Red-capped Plover

Red-capped Plover

It is nice to be recognised for one’s expertise in this way. What annoys me, however, is the growing number of friends and acquaintances who say the same thing after they return from a holiday in some exotic location.

“Oh Trevor,” they chirp as happy as a Sparrow with a bowl full of seed, “we saw this beautiful parrot in Cairns (or Broome or Darwin or wherever) and we immediately thought of you.” After the initial polite smile and excited ooohs and aaahs I go away fuming. I’ve NEVER seen that species in my life. And they’ve seen it and they are not even birders. Grrrrrr.

So what do I do about this annoying situation?

Perhaps I need to go for more holidays to exotic places. Then I can blithely reply, “Yeah, but did you see the Scarlet-crested Rainbow-winged Blue and White Cockatoo*?. It sat on my shoulder and nibbled at my ear.”

Or some other suitable anecdotal put-down.

*There is NO such animal – I just imagined it, but it sure sounds exotic and fabulous.


4 Responses to “I saw this bird and I thought of you”

  1. Snail says:

    I get that with snails, which is a bit odd.

    I hope you have an excellent Christmas and plenty of birding in 2008.

  2. Trevor says:

    I guess it is some people’s way of bringing you out of your shell!

    Thanks for the Christmas greetings – the same to you.

  3. Darryl & Louisa says:

    The birds are naturally attracted to my magnetic personality.Some would say that comment is “strictly for the birds”– hence……….When I was younger I probably drank out of a “beaker”– hence……..I guess I am just winging it…..and now I’m not a plover lover……The fact that I’m admitting that is surely a “feather in my cap” Obviously this reply is due to the stress that “giant” bird caused me………
    must fly… see you nest year…..

  4. Trevor says:

    Well goodness me Darryl – your comments could have knocked me down with a feather. What a tale… or should that be tail? No-one could accuse you of being bird-brained. I can see that you possess certain “talons” that should help you understand more about birds.

    On consideration, I am something of a sitting duck in your presence, which is a bit of a feather in your cap. And if I pursue this line of thinking the goose that laid the golden egg will surely fly, leaving my cause as dead as a dodo and you as free as a bird.

    For more insane stuff like this check out:


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