I think I heard a little bird

I meant to write about this yesterday but I was away all day.

Early Sunday morning when I was still a little drowsy and very cosy in a warm bed I thought I heard a Horsfield’s Bronze-Cuckoo in the garden. I was still too sleepy and comfortable to go galloping out into the garden in my dressing gown and PJs on a frosty morning to investigate.

We have several species of cuckoos here in Murray Bridge, all of them late winter and spring visitors from the north. Many of the local species such as the honeyeaters, thornbills and other smaller bush birds will be nest building soon. The cuckoos take advantage of this to lay their eggs in a host nest.

It only called the once.

Then again, on reflection, it could have been a Common Starling; they often fool me with their good imitations of other bird calls.

Unfortunately, I don’t yet have a photo of any of the cuckoos to show you. Perhaps I’ll get lucky and get a good shot or two this breeding season.


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