Ian Roberts, Bird Artist

We stayed with our daughter in Clare in the mid-north of South Australia recently. While we were there we went to the nearby small town of Blyth, about twenty minutes drive to the west. We especially went to visit the Medika Gallery run by Ian Roberts. We have known Ian for some years through the Australian Plants Society. Ian has regularly grown plants for sale at our sales in Adelaide. He also exhibits his paintings at the plant sales.

Bird Paintings

Although we often visit Clare and have driven through Blyth many times we had never visited the Medika Gallery. Ian has converted an old church in the middle of the town into a wonderfully welcoming gallery displaying both his paintings and the works of several other local artists. Ian specialises in painting Australian birds. He has a wonderful gift of being able to capture not only the beauty but also the unique characteristics of our birds. He is also able to beautifully portray the birds in natural settings, highlighting many of our native Australian plants where the birds feed, roost or nest.

To view some of Ian’s beautiful paintings click here.   You can also order his works through his site.

This post was updated on 23rd February 2017.



2 Responses to “Ian Roberts, Bird Artist”

  1. Paul Lawler says:

    Dear Ian, we were recently visiting the gallery and were very impressed with your paintings/prints
    My partner loved the two magpies sitting on the 44 gallon barrel.
    Can you avise what the cost would be for a framed and unframed copy of this particular painting. Freight would be to Hobart Tasmania.

    I look forward to your reply.



  2. Trevor says:

    Hi there Paul, somehow you have mixed up my blog site with Ian’s gallery web site. You need to send Ian an email with your order. The link to his web site, which will include email details, can be found in the above article.

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