I’m in the wrong birding business

Ostrich, Monarto Zoo, South Australia

I’m in the wrong business – I shouldn’t be writing about birds I see in their natural environment, or in zoos. I should be breeding and selling Ostriches. Yesterday I had another request for the purchase of Ostriches, something which happens every few weeks. I could be making my fortune out of selling these interesting birds, mostly to buyers in India and Pakistan.

The reason I get so many requests of this nature is because I once wrote an article here about the Ostriches living near my home – in the nearby Monarto Zoo which is part of Adelaide Zoo. As a result – and despite having a disclaimer on the page – I still keep on getting orders for either eggs or chicks. I’ve even closed comments on the article – but they still keep on sending me orders via my contact page. Sigh.

One of the problems is that this web site is so popular, and searching online will bring the article up in the first few links. The curse of being popular, I guess.


Buy Ostriches here:

I bet I still get plenty of orders!

Happy birding.


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