Let’s all have a morning bath

New Holland Honeyeater enjoying our bird bath

Earlier this week it was rather warm. On most days we have some birds come to either have a bath, or have a drink. Many do both. Some just sit in the water, especially on very hot days.

On Tuesday of this week I was amazed at the procession of birds coming to drink and bathe. I was having my breakfast and it wasn’t yet very hot. This following is a list of species observed in a ten minute period:

New Holland Honeyeaters – about 12
White-plumed Honeyeaters – 2
Singing Honeyeaters – 2
Red Wattlebirds – 2
Crested Pigeon – 1
Spotted Turtledove – 1
Yellow Thornbill – 1
House sparrow – 10
Common Starling – 6
Australian Magpie Lark – 1
Superb fairy-wren – 3

Other species nearby:

Australian Magpie
White-browed Babblers
Willie Wagtail

The New Holland Honeyeaters caused the greatest kerfuffle; water went absolutely everywhere. I managed to capture this series of photos of one individual getting totally soaked.

Now I’ll have to get a bucket of rainwater and refill the bird bath.

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New Holland Honeyeater enjoying our bird bath

New Holland Honeyeater enjoying our bird bath



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