Listen to the Rain

It’s raining!

What a lovely sound it makes on the roof.


Normally I wouldn’t make much of the rain on this blog, but the last year has been so dry that a good rain is quite newsworthy. This part of Australia has experienced a serious drought over the last year or so. We are currently on severe water restrictions with the threat of much worse to come. Some other parts of Australia are far worse off than we are, but we seem to be heading in the same direction. Many reservoirs are down to below 10% of capacity with only a few weeks of supply left.

A Day of Rain

At about eight o’clock this morning the rain started steadily. It has been raining now for close to nine hours and shows no sign of letting up. I’ve just checked the radar of the Adelaide Bureau of Meteorology and the rain should continue for quite a while yet, perhaps well into the night. And more is forecast for the coming week.

Birds in the Rain

Most birds just love the rain. I haven’t seen any come to the birdbath all day (not that I’ve been watching it all that much – the rain is far more interesting). The Honeyeaters and Willie Wagtails enjoy having a good shower in rain water. This morning I saw several Australian Magpies just sitting calmly on a post enjoying the water dribbling down their backs. On the downside, I did see one very wet, bedraggled, sad looking Galah sitting on a power line this morning.

Australian Magpie

Australian Magpie

This photo of a lovely magpie was not taken today. It was taken some time ago when we were on a picnic at a nearby reserve.


2 Responses to “Listen to the Rain”

  1. Snail says:

    I hope it rains all weekend, Trevor. As long as we get some of it too.

  2. Trevor says:

    The radar shows it coming right your way – but then it might run out of moisture on the way – I hope not.

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