Little Ravens nesting

Little Raven

Little Raven

During my recent stay in bed with the flu I had a good view through the window of a part of our garden. In the fog of my illness I was pleased to be able to view a few birds that flew past the window, or those that settled in the bushes or trees within view.

On several occasions I noticed two very industrious Little Ravens at work. They were busy pulling fine strips of bark off the trucks of several bushes and trees. As they stuffed their beaks full of bark they looked as if they had suddenly grown a handlebar mustache!

With this beak full of bark they flew off over the road. Nesting?? I wonder. I haven’t recovered enough from the flu to go searching for the nest in the cold, wintery and showery weather we are having. It’s quite possible, however, for it is about now that many of our birds start building nests ready for the spring.

Little Raven

Little Raven


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  1. […] my Australian readers, the Pied Crow is about the same size as the Little Raven and Little Crow, but smaller than the Australian Raven. Its call is just as mournful but harsher […]

    • Huon Stride says:

      Do ravens multi nest? Mine have raised their young to quite a size and are again carrying sticks and bark.

      • Trevor says:

        Hi Huon,
        Thanks for your question. There are several species of crows and ravens in Australia. The most common in eastern Australia is the Australian Raven. They generally nest only once every year, but sometimes they do nest a second time. If the young have already left the nest in early September, there is still time for another brood this spring.

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