Magnificent Wedge-tailed Eagles

Wedge-tailed Eagle

Last week I travelled from home in Murray Bridge to attend a meeting in Adelaide. I take the South-eastern Freeway and this takes me through the Adelaide Hills. I generally take quite an interest in the birds seen along the way, noting that more and more frequently I am seeing the wonderful Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos flying overhead.

On this occasion, however, I saw two – perhaps a pair – of  Wedge-tailed Eagles soaring low over the freeway. This magnificent species – Australia’s largest eagle – is widespread throughout the country without being very common anywhere.

As is quite usual both birds were being harassed by other species, including Australian Magpies and Little Ravens. While they might be lovely birds, they are generally not loved birds; at least, not  in the bird kingdom.


4 Responses to “Magnificent Wedge-tailed Eagles”

  1. Kate says:

    True the spectacular wedge tailed eagle maybe be disliked by other birds but i love seeing them gliding through the air high in the sky. I too have noticed alot more yellow tailed black cockatoos in recent months they have such a sweet call while in flight.

    • Trevor says:

      I agree with you Kate. They are truly the kings of the air and so majestic when soaring on high. Some years ago at the bird show at Healesville near Melbourne they had one displaying its flying as part of the show (or was it Taronga in Sydney?). The bird flew over my head, its wing brushing my hat as it glided past – THAT was truly awesome in the true sense of the word.

  2. david maxwell says:

    I am in my late fifties now (the twilight of my life), & when I was in my mid-teens, we lived close to the railway station of a wheat-growing area, and in the spring and summer one season, we were awestruck by the sight of about half a dozen wedgies (as we used to call them), circling around the silos, at about a hundred feet in the air, we figured were after the mice/rats in the wheat stores.
    Then when I was in my 30’s I got friendly with a guy, & we went to a farm, and because the farmer found out that I was a nature buff, he took us to a tree less than a 100 metres from the main house, which was between Maleny and Kenilworth in Qld.
    This event brought a tear to my eye, seeing such a majestic bird on it’s nest

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