Move over fellas

Crested Pigeon, Murray Bridge, South Australia

This afternoon I’ve settled with my laptop in the sunroom to do a little writing. It’s a lovely post-Christmas summer’s day: around 30 degrees, not a cloud in the sky and a gentle breeze coming in through the window near to my left elbow. After all the food in recent days – we’ve had two family gatherings with lashings of food and plenty to drink – I’m not sure how long I will last doing some writing. The eyelids are rather heavy, and the more comfortable chair about two metres away is very tempting. So is sleep. A grandpa nap beckons.

Just as I was getting comfortable at the keyboard (and NOT in the easy chair) four Crested Pigeons (see photo of one above) came to one of our bird baths just outside the window. The four of them jostled and flapped for position. Fact is, there is not enough room for all of them on the one bird bath at the same time. They are sure to topple it over, spilling the contents in the process.

So, like all well behaved and courteous birds, they took it in turns to alight for a drink. So civilised, despite all the flapping. And when all had drunk their fill, they all flew off together to another part of our property. They headed for a spot where there are a few trees and many thick, scrubby bushes.

I wonder if they are nesting again.

I might have enough energy to check them out later – after my nap.


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  1. Snail says:

    Nap first — always!

    Happy new year to you, Trevor!

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