New Holland Honeyeater v House Sparrow

Some time ago I wrote about bird aggression in the garden. On that occasion there was a dispute between our resident Willie Wagtail and a New Holland Honeyeater.

The New Holland Honeyeaters are currently feeding two chicks in a nest in our garden quite close to our house. They are constantly busy feeding their offspring.

Several days ago I noticed that a female House Sparrow ventured into the Melaleuca bush where the nest is located. The New Holland Honeyeater sent it off pronto, chasing it vigorously around the garden. Both landed on the ground and the honeyeater confronted the sparrow.

The response from the House Sparrow was something I had never seen this species display before; it raised its tail in a fan-like manner. This bold move seemed to work because the honeyeater backed off and soon resumed tending to its young.

It happened too quickly for me to photograph.
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3 Responses to “New Holland Honeyeater v House Sparrow”

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  3. robert vanderhope says:

    Warrnambool Victoria. I just looked directly, a few feet away from a house sparrow that had yellow on the wings same as New Holland honeyeater.

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