New Holland Honeyeater

Today I was working in my wife’s plant nursery and about mid-morning we stopped for a cuppa. While we were enjoying the cuppa and the lovely sunshine a New Holland Honeyeater came down from nearby trees. It landed a few metres in front of where we were sitting and started feeding on some Correa flowers.

Correas have beautiful bell shaped flowers in a variety of colours, especially pink through to deep red. Some species have yellow or green flowers, or a combination of all these. This small plant was still in a nursery tube waiting to go to a plant sale. It was much smaller than those one would find in a garden or out growing naturally. This didn’t seem to upset the honeyeater; as it started feeding the whole of the plant swayed and leaned over until it had moved through about ninety degrees. The New Holland Honeyeater just kept on feeding until satisfied and then it flew off elsewhere for another feed.


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  1. Duncan says:

    They certainly love correas Trevor, you may be interested in three photos I took today of New Hollands feeding in an exotic, the Cape Honeysuckle. The activity was quite frantic.

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